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<   No. 1464   2007-01-29   >

Comic #1464

1 Stud: The girl has nothing to do with this. Let her go.
1 Dr No: Hmmm... yes. Take her away!
2 Dr No: But put her in a cell! {two thugs grab Honey and start to drag her away}
2 Honey: Hey, stop! You're hurting me! {Stud leaps to her defence, grabbing a bottle of champagne from the table to use as a weapon}
3 Dr No: {halting Stud before he smashes one of the thugs over the head} That's a Dom Perignon '55, Mr Stud. It would be a shame to waste it.
4 Stud: Really? {uncorks bottle} Well I guess I'll just have to empty the bottle first! {tips the bottle to his mouth}

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I got a little stuck on this theme for a while, because I couldn't remember the exact sequence of events that came next. So I watched Dr No again to refresh my memory. Which was good, because now I know what scenes to do next, but bad in that I realised just how many good scenes I've already skipped over. The entire sequence with Miss Taro, for example. Oh well. If you know the movie, you'll know what I've missed, and if you don't, you're none the wiser. Except that now I've told you.

2016-09-27 Rerun commentary: If you haven't seen Dr No, of course you really should at some point, if only for the historical significance. There are better James Bond films, but this was the one that started it all, and it's definitely interesting from the perspective of cinema history.

(I'm not suggesting this is a true imperative. There are hundreds of films that everyone "should" see for their historical significance, but it's quite difficult to actually see them all, and if your interests lie elsewhere then fair enough.)

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