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<   No. 1483   2007-02-17   >

Comic #1483

1 {scene: outside the Vatican}
1 Minnesota Jones: I suggest we fast talk our way in.
2 Monty: Past armed guards? Fascist armed guards? With machine guns? What if they catch on?
3 Minnesota Jones: We blame you.
4 Prof. Jones: That works for me.
4 Ginny: Let's go. {turns to walk towards the Vatican}

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My wife is actually in this photo of St Peter's Basilica and Via della Conciliazione. She's standing just to the left of the blue bus, conveniently behind Professor Jones in panels 1-3, and behind Monty in panel 4.

2016-11-06 Rerun commentary: I kind of had to hide my wife in the background photo. She's not off in the distance, she's really very close to the camera, and would be an obvious distraction if not hidden. In fact, looking at a big copy of the background photo again now... I believe the Pope may be in it too. Not Pope Pius XI, who was Pope throughout most of the 1930s when this comic is set[1], but Pope John Paul II, who was Pope when I took the photo in 2001.

I didn't realise it at the time I took the photo, but after we walked down Via della Conciliazione to approach St Peter's Basilica we discovered that there was a Papal audience taking place in the square, and John Paul II was seated on a podium on the basilica steps. We saw him, and I have other photos taken closer in which he's clearly identifiable. He's not identifiable in this strip's background photo, but he may well be in it, if you get what I mean.

[1] And who later appears as an actual character in a few strips.

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