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<   No. 1518   2007-03-24   >

Comic #1518

1 {scene: Inside the Graf Zeppelin, flying over some snowy peaks.}
1 Erwin: We arrive in Rome tonight.
1 Haken: Sehr gut.
2 Erwin: Look, Herr Kolonel! Die Austrian Alps.
2 Haken: Ja, ja, I've seen them.
3 Erwin: These hills, they are alive with die sound of music...
4 Haken: What did you say, Erwin?
4 Erwin: Nothing, Herr Kolonel.

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The hills are alive...!

It's a classic movie. I feel no need to explain any further.

2017-01-28 Rerun commentary: The German town of Berchtesgarden is very close to the Austrian border, and the base for Obersalzberg, Adolf Hitler's favourite vacation retreat. It's so close to Austria that you could climb up a ridge and look down the other side into Salzburg, where the hills really are alive with the sound of music.

This is fairly well-known trivia about the movie, but some of you may not have realised it before: When Maria and the von Trapps climbed their way up into the mountains to cross over into Switzerland and freedom in the movie... they had their geography severely wrong. Salzburg is 230 km from Switzerland as the crow flies (and much longer on the ground). Crossing the mountains from Salzburg would have taken them straight into Germany and Hitler's favourite holiday spot...

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