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<   No. 1550   2007-04-25   >

Comic #1550

1 {scene: The Oval Office}
1 Loren: Mr President, we have a situation. Martians are invading Earth.
1 Allosaurus: Raaarrrhh?
2 Loren: They have superior technology and intellects. Humanity doesn't stand a chance, sir.
2 Allosaurus: Raaarrrhh?
3 Loren: They're demanding total dominion over Earth and a tribute of 50 guitars a year.
3 Allosaurus: Raaarrrhh?
4 Loren: My recommendation: Surrender.
4 Allosaurus: RAAARRRHH!!!

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Because, after all, Mars Needs Guitars!

I originally wrote that line as: "and a tribute of 50 young virgins a year."

But the phone call from Richard Branson changed my mind.

2017-04-09 Rerun commentary: It's not entirely clear to me how President Allosaurus uses the tiny keyboard on the computer visible at the bottom of each panel.

Presumably it's set up in Dvorak or something.[1]

[1] Which is not related to Romantic classical music or estimation of tropical cyclone intensity.

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