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<   No. 1557   2007-05-02   >

Comic #1557

1 Ishmael: The easiest way to invade Earth is by fiat.
1 Martian 1: Fiat?
1 Ishmael: Watch. {aims a camera at the Martians}
1 [sound]: Click!
2 Ishmael: {sitting at computer} First I post your photo to Flickr. Second, I blog on LJ that Martians have landed on campus. Third, I put a genuine Martian brownie for sale on eBay.
3 Ishmael: Fourth, I create a comprehensive Wikipedia article - "2007 Martian invasion of Earth" - citing the photo, blog, and sale as secondary sources.
4 Ishmael: Then I link to it all from Slashdot. Gentlemen, your invasion is complete.

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This script is modified from one of the non-winning entries in the last caption competition, which resulted in strip #1199. Oh, in fact looking at that strip now, I see I included the original version in its annotation. Well, you can see exactly how much I modified it, then.

I expect to be cited on the Wikipedia article 2007 Martian invasion of Earth for this strip, by the way.

2017-04-26 Rerun commentary: Someone actually went and created that page on Wikipedia. Though it was quickly changed to a redirect to the page for Irregular Webcomic! The redirect stayed in place for over 6 years, before finally being deleted in 2013 when the article for IWC itself was deleted for lack of notability.

Oh, and LJ? Wow. I think I'd probably use Google+ or Tumblr these days. If you really want to date your work, simply reference any popular website and wait a few years.

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