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<   No. 1588   2007-06-02   >

Comic #1588

1 Stud: Hmmm... Maybe if I turn this knob... {fiddles with the nuclear power plant controls}
2 {Dr No looks at the reactor diagnostics on his screen in horror.}
3 Dr No: {racing over to confront Stud} You fool! You're making the reactor overload!
4 Stud: Huh? I was just trying to see if I could get BBC-TV on this thing.

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BBC Television was the former name of the TV channel now known as BBC One, the most popular domestic television station in the United Kingdom.

James Stud is of course using the old name, as the channel was known before the introduction of BBC2 in 1964.

This comic originally appeared with the line: "You fool! You're making the reactor go critical!"

As several readers pointed out, "going critical" merely means that the nuclear reaction has become self-sustaining, which is in fact the whole goal of a nuclear power plant. Being in the "critical" state is the normal operating mode for a nuclear reactor, and not something to be concerned about. So in the interests of scientific accuracy, I've done a George on this strip and edited it after the fact.

2017-07-08 Rerun commentary: Again, the two panels here with two radiations suits in them had to be photographed with separate exposures for Stud and Dr No, and then composed in Photoshop. Because...

All together now!

I only had one radiation suit.

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