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<   No. 1587   2007-06-01   >

Comic #1587

1 Ishmael: {checking his computer} This is going well. Someone wrote an eyewitness report on Wikinews, and picked it up. Your invasion is headline news.
2 Martian 1: Excellent. And we can rule Earth from this computer?
3 Ishmael: Won't you need a huge operations centre, to coordinate all the Martian activity on Earth?
3 Martian 1: No.
4 Martian 1: There's only three of us, after all.

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Wikinews is... quirky in its coverage. As is to be expected when the reporters are all random volunteers from the net. For the best effect, check the Original reporting list, where people submit their own fascinating eyewitness reports to such exciting events as an old lady almost being hit by a car, or an exclusive interview with the leader of the Swedish Pirate Party. Arrr!

2017-07-05 Rerun commentary: This does raise the question of who wrote the report about the Martian invasion for Wikinews.

On another note, given the trend over the past few years of news organisation firing all their photographers and relying on citizens with phones for a lot of their photo needs, it's now possible that Wikinews has more professional photographers contributing to it than some traditional newspapers and news outlets.

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