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<   No. 1601   2007-06-15   >

Comic #1601

1 Ophelia: Any luck?
2 Mercutio: No. He says it's against his principles to use e-mail to spread untruths. He did offer to sell us a Nigerian State Lottery ticket though.
3 Ophelia: So now what?
3 Mercutio: We need someone skilled at denying the existence of aliens.
4 Man in Black: {appearing suddenly} Did someone mention "aliens"?

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It's been a long time between drinks for the Man in Black too, last seen in #1352.

The annoying thing about the Man in Black is his sunglasses are actually a weird shade of blue, and I have to manually paint them black in Photoshop. Yes, you'd notice it even at this scale if I didn't.

And on the subject of lottery tickets, I once got spam offering to sell me tickets in the "Australian Lottery". Of course, being Australian, I know there is no such thing.

Unless you count what clueless tourists do when they decide to ignore the "No Swimming: Crocodiles" signs. Yes, damnit, we really mean it!

2017-08-06 Rerun commentary: Seriously.

Crocodile Safety

No, really seriously.


Although this is of course only the saltwater crocodiles. Freshwater crocodiles you can swim with, as long as you don't approach and harass them:

Crocodiles, who cares?

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