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<   No. 1616   2007-06-30   >

Comic #1616

1 {scene: The holding cell where the shady black market weapons dealer has stowed Iki Piki and Serron pending their imminent involuntary organ donations.}
1 Iki Piki 2: Don't be confused. We're you.
2 Iki Piki 2: From the future.
3 {beat}
4 Iki Piki: Right... Because that's not confusing at all...

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As I write this annotation, strip #1599 has just appeared, and there is rampant speculation on the forum as to who the mystery rescuer is. Well, you know now, but on the other hand now (if you get my drift) nobody has yet suggested this particular answer. I'm curious to see if anyone comes up with it before #1610 is released. Er, which was six days ago now... or ten days in the future... or...

Dang, this time travel stuff is confusing.

2017-09-10 Rerun commentary: This is getting into probably my favourite storyline in the Space theme so far. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't read further than this yet. But it was a lot of fun to write and make. And recalling the responses from readers in the forums and email, most of you enjoyed it too.

Sit back... this is going to be a fun rediscovery.

On the strip itself, I suppose it would be even more confusing if you suddenly came across yourself from the past. Because that would raise the question of why you don't remember having already met your future self.

Sit back and hold on tight. It's just going to get more timey-wimey from here on in.

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