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<   No. 1723   2007-10-15   >

Comic #1723

1 Mercutio: So it's all over. The Martian invasion is repulsed.
2 Ophelia: In reality, yes. But what about the millions of people on the net who still believe it's true?
3 Mercutio: I wouldn't worry about that. {turns back to his computer}
4 [LiveJournal entry on screen]: Oh please... That Martian invasion meme is so last week. Let's get back to Photoshopping humorously captioned photos of cats into Star Wars scenes. I mean, what's really important here?

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Andy Warhol severely overestimated the amount of fame people or phenomena would achieve once the Internet took off.

Yeah, okay, he was commenting in the 1960s and the Internet hadn't been imagined yet. So all things considered, he did a pretty good job, really.

2018-05-19 Rerun commentary: Imagine how the panic inspired by Orson Welles' War of the Worlds radio broadcast would have gone if there was Internet at the time.

Okay, it might have quickly quelled any panic - but imagine if instead it had fuelled it.

I think I just wrote an episode of Black Mirror.

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