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<   No. 1736   2007-10-28   >

Comic #1736

1 Mercutio: {at his desk} Yes!!! Yes!!! I did it! I am teh awesome!!
2 Ophelia: {walking over to see what the fuss is about} What happened?
2 Mercutio: I tracked down a bug in my code.
3 Ophelia: Oh. Is that all? You programmers always seem to get so excited about that.
4 Mercutio: Don't knock it. It takes a particular sort of mind to revel in the moment of realisation of how amazingly stupid you've been for the past two days.

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Hands up who's been there, done that.

It really is amazing how much joy you can get out of realising how stupid you've been.

2018-06-14 Rerun commentary: If you took all the buggy lines of code written over the years and strung them all together end to end...

It'd probably be a valid Perl expression.

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