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<   No. 1737   2007-10-29   >

Comic #1737

1 Alvissa: It's so good to see... um... It's nice to... er... I came across that Gollum creature.
2 Alvissa: I killed it and took Lambert's ring back.
3 Alvissa: Hey, where is Lambert?
4 Kyros: Once again, those stunning elvish powers of observation.

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Lambert's ring has been mentioned a few times now. But it's never been described in any sort of detail.

Pretty mysterious, huh?

2018-06-15 Rerun commentary: This is poking fun of the typical fantasy fiction feature that elves have superior senses and observation skills. Legolas from The Lord of the Rings has far superior vision to anyone else in the Fellowship. Inheriting from this, elves in Dungeons & Dragons and other games have superior senses to humans, manifesting as better night vision and better chances to spot hidden things. In some editions of D&D elves have twice or more the chance of spotting secret doors as other races, and in some editions they can spot concealed doors simply by walking past them, without even bothering to search.

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