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<   No. 1756   2007-11-17   >

Comic #1756

1 Ginny: "Anno Domini MDCCXCVII; Dux Ducum minimus thesaurum Lutetiam emovit."
2 Ginny: We should leave here before I read any more. We don't want the Joneses to know where the Palladium went.
3 Haken: We should just shoot them!
4 Erwin: We should have just shot them every other time we captured them. Why change now?

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Every time I use Latin in the comic, I have to ask someone to do the translation for me, because my knowledge of Latin is very rudimentary. The problem is that whenever I ask for a Latin translation, I get several different versions, which conflict not only in word choice, but in verb tense, noun declension, word order, and all those other fiddly bits of grammar for which Latin is so justifiably notorious.

The result, invariably, is that I end up with something which is as correct as I can make it, given my own meagre knowledge and mutually incompatible advice from multiple quarters, but which still inevitably contains mistakes that several dozen readers have enough Latin to spot immediately.

So yes, there are probably mistakes in the Latin.

Following some advice from a reader with a couple of Masters degrees in Latin language and culture, I have modified Ginny's dialogue slightly. Hopefully now there are fewer bones of contention in it. :-)
2018-07-04 Rerun commentary: Monty's smile in panel two is deliberate foreshadowing.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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