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<   No. 1802   2008-01-02   >

Comic #1802

1 Adam: {looking around} Gee, this Infinite Featureless Plane of Death is... big.
2 Jamie: Yeah. Really, really big.
3 Adam: D'you reckon it's big enough for an IKEA store?
4 Jamie: I think you have this place confused with Hell.

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IKEA is a Swedish company which operates home furniture and accessory stores in 36 countries (and growing).

"Hell" of course refers to the town in Norway, which, being near the Swedish border, is probably quite close to an IKEA store.

Thanks to several readers, who all pointed out that there is in fact an IKEA store in Trondheim, Norway, a mere 28km from Hell. The nearest IKEA in Sweden is actually about 420km away.
2018-08-19 Rerun commentary: One of my friends buys stuff from IKEA all the time.

I, on the other hand, am not sure if I've ever been inside an IKEA store.

I'm hoping this is a parallel for our eventual experiences with Death.

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