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<   No. 1801   2008-01-01   >

Comic #1801

1 {impossibly long shot of a huge empty hospital waiting room, where Mercutio and Ophelia sit}
2 Mercutio: Ever notice how hospitals are so sterile and boring?
3 Mercutio: It's like an infinite featureless waiting room of...
3 Ophelia: Of what?
4 Mercutio: Um. Never mind. We reap what we sow.
4 Ophelia: Don't be so grim.

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Of course, you want your hospitals to be sterile, really.

2018-08-18 Rerun commentary: That looks like Hilbert's hospital waiting room.

The set up for the mysteriously foretold "who will die?" in the previous strip involved creating storylines across several themes in which many different characters were in mortal peril and thus the potential victims. Here, Will has been hit by a car and Ophelia and Mercutio are waiting to see if he's okay. In the strip immediately before the revelation of last strip, the Joneses were in danger of dying from Leonardo's deathtrap in the Vatican Library. A few strips earlier, we'd seen Loren Ipsum apparently die at the hand (or claw) or The Allosaurus, Dwalin be abandoned to a rampaging horde of orcs by his fellow party members, and Adam and Jamie arrive on the Infinite Featureless Plane of Death. And of course Steve is always in mortal peril.

So hopefully what happened was truly unexpected.

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