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<   No. 1938   2008-05-17   >

Comic #1938

1 {scene: An island off the coast of Antigua. Captain Ponsonby and the Mate have unearthed a large treasure chest.}
1 Wendy: The treasure! At last! It be all mine!
2 Ponsonby: I wouldn't be so hasty, Miss Wenchgood. It has an ancient pirate curse, written on this plaque. Here, read it.
3 Wendy: "This treasure be accursed. Any who be plunderin' it shall be doomed to 1000 years o' torment."
4 Wendy: "If ye be acceptin' this agreement, be placin' yer key in the first keyhole. If ye nay be acceptin', be placin' yer key in the second keyhole."

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This is a very old concept after all.

2019-02-23 Rerun commentary: It's difficult showing a hole in a baseplate. So the guy in the "hole" is cleverly partly concealed behind the chest and the pile of "dirt" in the first two frames, to hide the fact that his torso is just sitting on the baseplate without his legs attached - his legs notionally being in the hole he just dug. In panel 3 he's climbing out.

Don't mention the fact that the chest only shows one keyhole, either.

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