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<   No. 1965   2008-06-13   >

Comic #1965

1 Spanners: Wait, wait... You recall the Titans winning the Galactic Cup before you came back in time?
1 Serron 2: Yes!
2 Spanners: I was asking future Iki Piki...
2 Iki Piki 2: Yes! He's actually right.
3 Spanners: But now they've lost it. You've messed up the space-time continuum!
4 Serron 2: But we were so careful!

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This punchline came up in casual conversation with some of my friends over lunch at work. We were talking about something completely different and someone said, "We've messed up the space-time continuum!"

Someone replied, "But we were so careful!"

I instantly knew I had a Serron line in the making.

And no, I'm not going to tell you how this conversation arose. You'll hear about it, eventually. Maybe.

Say, did your grandfather happen to die as a child?

2019-05-26 Rerun commentary: I knew both of my grandfathers.

Or at least both of the people who claimed to be my grandfathers...

Maybe I'm secretly the heir to some throne or other, and just don't know it. That'd be pretty cool.

I wonder in real world history how many people have secretly been heir to a throne and not know it. Zero? One? a half dozen? Fifty or more? Does anyone know??

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