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<   No. 2093   2008-10-19   >

Comic #2093

1 Hitler's Brain: Ah, Herr Doktor Jones. We meet again. Und this time, die shoe is on die...
2 Hitler's Brain: ... other... foot...
3 Hitler's Brain: Can I start again?
4 Monty: Please. You should make the most of your megalomaniacal monologue mulligan.

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A mulligan is the taking of a second attempt to do something after an initial failure, usually under the good graces of people who would actually prefer that you failed. It's most often used in the context of a game, and comes from the practice in social golf of allowing a player to hit a new ball without penalty if an initial hit is wildly off course.

Mulligans can also be built into the rules of a game, such as they are with Magic: the Gathering, allowing players to draw a new hand of cards if their initial draw is unsatisfactory.

2020-08-16 Rerun commentary: According to Wikipedia, the opposite of a mulligan is a "gilligan", and in golf refers to making a great shot, and then having to nullify and redo it at the request of your opponent.

I'm now wondering about how to adapt that to Magic: the Gathering - you'd either need to look at your opponent's initial hand (which would be a major change to the rules of the game), or perhaps you have the option of calling a gilligan if you don't like the look of their first turn or something. Basically, it wouldn't work nearly as well as in golf.

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