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<   No. 272   2003-10-24   >

Comic #272

1 Erwin: {returning to the cell} I must inform you die good Herr Kolonel und die evil Herr Kolonel fought to der death over that Spear.
2 Monty: And???
2 Erwin: Die news is not so good for you, I'm afraid.
3 Prof. Jones: You mean...?
3 Erwin: Ja.
4 Erwin: Die only dead Nazi is a good Nazi.

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This punchline has been sitting in my ideas file for ages, awaiting the right chance to use it. Thanks to zem.

2012-09-11 Rerun commentary: Ah, the ideas file.

Opening it now, it still contains almost 15,000 words of ideas that I never got to use in the comic. Over the course of the past 9 and a bit years, it has only ever really grown in size, despite me deleting stuff from it once it's used.

One day I may revisit it. Heck, why not now? Here's a raw gag fragment, to give you a taste of what sort of thing lurks in the file. I chose sort of randomly, from the Cliffhangers section, since today's rerun is from that theme.

Haken: We are using now a V-Boat! It is one better than a U-Boat!
I have no doubt that I could have turned that into a line in a suitable comic at some point, even if I had to write a 50-strip storyline around it just to get the right context of the Nazis needing to use a submarine to get somewhere. Probably Atlantis, I guess. That was why the ideas file only ever grew in size - every line in it required several comics to realise.

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