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<   No. 273   2003-10-25   >

Comic #273

1 Terry: {as Steve wrestles Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs to the ground} Steve! That's Death! You can't just wrestle him like that!
2 Steve: {letting the poor Death up} Death? Oh, I thought he was a bit undernourished. Looks a bit peaky to me. No offence, mate.
3 Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: I THINK I SHALL GO, WHILE I RETAIN SOME DIGNITY.
4 Terry: Well, that's one of you, anyway.
4 Steve: Crikey! Fair suck of the sav, Terry!

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And just because I know many non-Australians will ask:

"Fair suck of the sav" is an expression meaning "Give me a fair go". ("Sav" is short for "saveloy", which is a type of spicy sausage, similar to a frankfurt.)

2012-09-12 Rerun commentary: Today I can simply link you to this article about saveloys! I couldn't back when this comic first aired, since the Wikipedia page in question wouldn't exist for nearly another year.

I'm very dubious about the claim that "The saveloy's taste is similar to that of a frankfurter", though. In my experience they taste nothing alike. A sav is much, much more spicy. It needs to be to sustain a fair suck.

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