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<   No. 269   2003-10-21   >

Comic #269

1 Haken: So. You are an exact copy of me from an alternate dimension, ja?
2 Good Haken: Ja, except in every way in which you are bad, I am good.
3 Haken: You don't mean...?
3 Good Haken: Ja.
4 Haken: You have a girlfriend?!

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For those of you wondering - and yes, some people questioned me on this - my intention was that evil Haken is bad at attracting girlfriends (since the good Haken is good at it).

There is nothing to the rumour that this explains why Erwin hangs around the evil Haken with such dedication...

2012-09-07 Rerun commentary: Back in #243, I said in the original annotation published in 2003 that you'd soon find out why "the alternate Haken is now wearing a grey hat instead of the black one he had on last time we saw him".

Now I can explain!

You see, here we have the original Colonel Haken and his good twin from the alternate universe appearing together. You'll notice original Haken has his traditional black hat, while alternate-universe Haken has the grey hat. The reason for this?

I only have one radiation suit!


Sorry, I mean at the time when I made this comic, I only had one black hat. I foresaw that I wanted to have the two Hakens appearing together, so back when I made strip #243, I pre-emptively changed alternate-Haken's hat from black to grey.

And there you have it. Less than nine years after I promised you that you'd soon find out why I made that change, now you have the explanation! I'm nothing if not a man of my word.

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