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<   No. 3004   2011-04-18   >

Comic #3004

1 Edmond Halley: Mr Newton! Something is terribly wrong! Look at this gauge!
2 Young Jane Goodall: What is it?
2 Isaac Newton: A major rupture in time has just occurred in 1933.
3 Isaac Newton: Sorry, we are going to have to go back and repair it before we take you back to kill yourself.
4 Me: Oh, gosh, well. Take your time.
4 Isaac Newton: It is everyone's time.
4 Young Jane Goodall: You tell him, Isaac.

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I have terrible trouble with the word "gauge". I always type it first as "guage", then look at it, realise it looks wrong, and fix it. I don't know why, but for some reason, even though I know the correct way to spell it, I always write it down the wrong way first and don't realise it until I see it, at which point it looks obviously wrong to me.

But it's a good word. It evokes feelings of analogue dials connected to pipes that are probably conveying steam or other gases, or perhaps of giant needles connected to articulated brass rods and springs and stuff.

Any decent technology should have guagesgauges, not computerised display panels.

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