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<   No. 304   2003-11-25   >

Comic #304

1 Steve: Jane Goodall! Crikey! I never thought I'd see you again... after what happened between us...
2 Terry: What!! You two had an affair?!
3 Jane Goodall: Oh don't be ridiculous, Terry. He was my research student once. Worst one I ever had!
4 Jane Goodall: Trying to teach chimps to wrestle crocodiles... really!
4 Steve: They loved it!

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I know this leads to some dodgy continuity when compared to #284, but hey, this is a comic strip. You're not paying for continuity. And maybe Jane's blocked that more recent encounter with Steve from her memory. That seems pretty likely, actually.

2012-10-18 Rerun commentary: You may well ask: Who loved it, the chimps or the crocs?

With Steve, almost certainly both.

The wild ranges of chimpanzees and crocodiles do overlap substantially, so it's almost certain that these sorts of encounters take place occasionally. I hate to say it, but my money's on the crocs.

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