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<   No. 306   2003-11-27   >

Comic #306

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: I crown thee King of Nigeria. Long live King Steve!
1 Steve: Crikey!
2 Terry: It's real?? It's not a scam? It's really happening?
2 Nigerian Finance Minister: What is your wish, sire?
3 Steve: Let's set up a benevolent fund for retired croc-wrestlers!
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: As you command!
4 Terry: I don't believe it...
4 Jane Goodall: You know, this is even more entertaining than watching chimps.

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I originally wrote this with the punchline:

Jane Goodall: You dragged me all the way out to Nigeria for this?
But during production the actress playing Jane ad-libbed this line and I decided it better suited my portrayal of her.

Note that I'm deliberately making my version of Jane Goodall a bitter misanthropist who loves nothing better than insulting Steve and making deprecating remarks to anyone within earshot. I've done this for humorous effect, since it contrasts so much with the real Jane Goodall, who I believe is a true hero.

2012-10-20 Rerun commentary: Yes, that's a soccer player and James Stud in the background. It's an important occasion, of course you invite sports stars and glamorous super-spies.

Well, sports stars, anyway.

And that's a pretty funky crown Steve's wearing.

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