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<   No. 309   2003-11-30   >

Comic #309

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: Now you've been crowned, it's time to see some of our country's native fauna.
1 Steve: Ripper!
2 {Scene change: Outdoors by a river}
2 Nigerian Finance Minister: Here is one of our Nigerian crocodiles.
2 Steve: Crikey! You call that a croc?!
3 Steve: That's an Osteolaemus tetraspis tetraspis! A West African bloody dwarf croc! Don't even reach 2 metres!
4 Steve: Pack your bags, Terry, we're off home. There's no challenges here!
4 Jane Goodall: And Africa rejoices.

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Osteolaemus tetraspis tetraspis is indeed the most common crocodile in Nigeria. There are a few Nile crocodiles too, but they are severely threatened and the estimated population is only around 5000.

Also in the real world, BBC News reports that Internet fraud is now a significant foreign exchange earner in Nigeria.

2012-10-24 Rerun commentary: I've replaced the original links to the crocodile species information, which were on a site that seems to no longer exist. I couldn't use Wikipedia back when this comic was first published because the relevant articles didn't exist until 2006 (dwarf croc) and 2004 (Nile croc).

Thankfully the BBC is a more reliable keeper of old URLs that obscure webcomics link to.

And yes, that should be: "Pack your bags, Terry, we're off home. There're no challenges here!" At least if you're grammatically correct, which may not necessarily apply to Steve.

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