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<   No. 3080   2011-07-03   >

Comic #3080

1 Loren: And now we have to return to our own time. Bye.
2 Ishmael: Hey, this room looks...
2 {Loren, Ishmael, and the Man in Black disappear}
3 Young Jamie: Hey, what about his own time! He's from 1933! This is the 1980s!
4 Giuseppe: Eh, I am Italian. A little bit late does not matter.

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Certain places and cultures have reputations for a laid-back approach to being on time.

On my recent trip to Peru and Ecuador, my Latin American Spanish phrasebook had the following handy hint about specifying time in Latin America:

The attitude towards time is more relaxed in Latin American countries than in the English-speaking world. [...] When arranging a business meeting, try adding the expression en punto (equivalent to the English "sharp") to the time expression, e.g. a las once en punto means "at 11 o'clock sharp". [...] If you don't want to be kept waiting, you could ask, when arranging to meet, if the apointed time is a la hora inglesa (literally, on English time), meaning promptly, or a la hora latina (literally, on Latin American time), i.e., approximately half an hour later than specified.

This seems to be the case in southern European countries too.

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