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<   No. 315   2003-12-06   >

Comic #315

1 Shakespeare: Odds bodkins!
2 Ophelia: What is it, Will?
2 Shakespeare: Yahoo has redesigned its interface again, Ophelia!
3 Shakespeare: It's all cluttered, the colours clash - it's almost as bad as MSN.
3 Ophelia: Yeah, it sucks!
4 Shakespeare: Lord, what fools these portals be!

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2012-10-31 Rerun commentary: Wow, Yahoo and MSN. Remember those?

I actually had to check just now that Yahoo and MSN still exist. Yep, looks like they still do. And it looks like Yahoo has turned into a site very similar to MSN, with a bunch of news-type stuff on the home page.

I remember when Yahoo was a web directory. That's what we had to help find web sites before there were search engines. It was essentially a manually curated list of web sites under various topics, so you could find, for example, the address of a site that would tell you about the weather, or about lizards, or whatever. You couldn't search for all the web sites that mentioned "lizards" - there was simply no way to do it. All you could do was look at Yahoo's list of five or six different sites about lizards.

This was 1995, less than 20 years ago. Imagine a world without being able to find stuff using Google. That's what the world was like for almost all of history.

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