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<   No. 311   2003-12-02   >

Comic #311

1 Marlowe: Shakespeare, let's touch base on this documentation you wrote. Workshop the issues and leverage a solution.
2 Shakespeare: Is there a problem, Mr Marlowe?
2 Marlowe: Why's it all written like... poems?
3 Shakespeare: It's a client-focused, win-win paradigm shift, sir.
3 Marlowe: It is? Ah, of course, I see. Good work then.
4 Shakespeare: {after Marlowe leaves} With jargon doth the bard besmirch his speech/ But so the feckless boss is fair dispatch'd.

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What would Shakespeare have made of corporate-speak?

He'd probably write a satire about it...

2012-10-26 Rerun commentary: Woo! The first strip in which I show Shakespeare in the office.

This strip introduces his corporate-buzz-speak-enamoured boss, Mr Marlowe, named after the real-world Shakespeare contemporary Christoper Marlowe of course, though I don't think that's ever been explicitly explained by me before.

It also introduces Ophelia, seen working in the background, though she doesn't speak or interact yet.

Will's speech in the last panel is in iambic pentameter, which was half the point of the gag here, as our own Shakespeare wrote most of the dialogue in his plays in that form.

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