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<   No. 325   2003-12-16   >

Comic #325

1 Hitler's Brain: Ach!
1 Haken: What is it, mein Führer?
2 Hitler's Brain: Mein girlfriend wants to move in with me! But there's no room; this is a bachelor jar, you know.
3 Haken: I didn't know you had a girlfriend, mein Führer. What's her name?
4 Hitler's Brain: Eva Brain.

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The idea for this arose in an IRC conversation with PieL and zem.

What would a brain in a jar do if its girlfriend wanted to move in? I think you should contemplate this seriously all day. Ask your friends, your colleagues, your co-workers. Express real interest in their answers.

Oh, and in response to people who asked "What about continuity with #314?", I repeat what I said about #304: This is a comic strip. You're not paying for continuity.

Also, Casey and Andy never worries about continuity, so if Andy Weir drew #314 why should I worry about it?

The real reason: I considered a strip in which Hitler's brain is cloned from remnants of tissue - without cloning his entire body mind you - and somehow imbued with his original personality and memories, yet, for some reason, his followers don't apply this technology to making multiple copies of him. Then I thought no way, that was way too far-fetched even for....

Hmmm. I should have done it.

2012-11-12 Rerun commentary: Never throw out a good idea.

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