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<   No. 3508   2016-07-14   >

Comic #3508

1 Mordekai: Say, barkeep...
1 Barkeep: Aye, good stranger?
2 Mordekai: Nice tavern you have here. Do you have insurance on the property?
3 Barkeep: Ye're not a salesman, are ye? Well, I do have insurance. If the tavern burns down, the holder of the policy gets 200 gold crowns.
4 Mordekai: I'll buy it off you.
4 Barkeep: The tavern?
4 Mordekai: No, the policy.

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200 gold crowns is a lot of money. Unlike most of the overinflated pseudo-medieval fantasy worlds, in which thousands of gold coins change hands regularly (at least amongst adventurers and the sort of people they do business with), this world tends to use silver coins (called "nobles") mostly.

Although, a brief search shows that I haven't always been totally consistent with this in past strips. The Duke's reward for recovering the missing Ruby of Dwarven Might was 5000 gold coins. And a blacksmith once tried to charge Lambert 2000 gold coins for a new sword. I guess the smith really was trying to rip Lambert off. Although Lambert did call him out on it.

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