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<   No. 364   2004-01-24   >

Comic #364

1 Geltschilling: James! Where have you been? I've been searching all over London for you.
1 Stud: Geltschilling! What gives?
2 Geltschilling: Not me, that's for sure. And don't try to seduce me with that tuxedo either.
3 Ñ: {over the intercom} Omit the customary byplay with 0x0A, Miss Geltschilling. James, get in here.
4 Stud: I'll be there in... oh... ten minutes should do, sir.
4 Geltschilling: I think I'm going to be sick.

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New theme, new characters! Bang, bang, bang!

I'd rather not explain everything about these character right away in annotations, so you get to discover them as the story unfolds.

2012-12-27 Rerun commentary: Since this is 1962, Miss Geltschilling of course has a typewriter on her desk, not a computer. In case that was confusing anyone. The other, smaller brown box is the intercom.

The running gag here is that the regular James Bond is a smooth ladies' man, while in contrast women find James Stud all too resistable.

I always thought it was a very clever bit of scripting to have (in the movie Dr No) M use the line, "Omit the customary byplay with 007, Miss Moneypenny," in his very first line in the very first movie. It implies a much larger backstory and continuity of the characters, right from the get go.

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