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<   No. 370   2004-01-30   >

Comic #370

1 NASA Guy 1: Well, Opportunity is performing nicely. But are we still having problems with Spirit?
2 NASA Guy 2: Yeah, but don't worry. We've put one of our best men on the job.
3 {Scene change: Mars}
3 Steve: Crikey! This rover's a bit stroppy! {while attempting to pin the Mars Rover}

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Apparently the news from NASA is that Spirit is well on the road to recovery and should be cooperating and sending back lots of cool new data soon. Go Steve.

The image I used is of the Gusev crater site, as taken by Spirit on 13 January, and can be seen in full here.

2013-01-03 Rerun commentary: Yes. Steve is so tough that he only needs a helmet and his regular safari clothing to survive on Mars.

The NASA guys actually show up in several more strips. They're on the verge of being regular characters! I should think about adding them to the cast page.

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