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<   No. 425   2004-03-25   >

Comic #425

1 Haken: {walking along the lost plateau in Venezuela} So, here we are at der lost plateau. Now to find die dinosaurs.
2 Erwin: {pointing at a small pile of brown material} Look, Herr Kolonel! Evidence that die dinosaurs have been here!
3 Haken: Ooooh. {picking one of the brown objects up} What do you think, Erwin? A coprolite?
4 Erwin: Well, it will be one day.
4 Haken: {dropping it quickly} Ach! Verdammte Scheiße!

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Also, "Scheiße" is a common German word, the meaning of which you can look up for yourself.

2013-03-08 Rerun commentary: I actually created the Wikipedia page for "coprolite", just a few days before this comic was first published. It didn't have a lot of info, so I chose to link to a different source at Enchanted Learning instead. But the page has now grown considerably and is a pretty good source.

And I can also supply a link for that other word. Which in German is much milder than the English equivalent is in English. You wouldn't expect Colonel Haken to actually say something rude, now, would you?

EDIT: I've been informed by German speakers that this word is in fact considered quite rude in German, and is even blanked out sometimes when written. I have to confess that I had somehow got the wrong impression. Now I'm not sure where I got that impression from. Sorry to any German speakers who might have found this comic more offensive than I thought it was!

Drat and gosh darn it to heck.

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