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<   No. 4642   2021-11-09   >

Comic #4642

1 Minnesota Jones: If you fly us all the way to Çanakkale, I can arrange payment of funds from my university.
2 Emily: All right then. Çanakkale, here we come!
3 Minnesota Jones: We should introduce ourselves. I’m Minnesota Jones, my son North Dakota, grandson Montana, and this is Sallah.
3 Emily: Emily Dearheart, at your service.
4 Monty: It’s always nice to know the name of who’s taking you for a ride.

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Yes, she has a name. And a last name too, for those of you keen-eyed enough to have already spotted her first name in the transcripts.

On another note, I almost completely forgot that Sallah was in the plane when setting up this set again to take photos of it in the current batch of comics that I'm making. It was lucky that I took a look at a previous comic for reference and noticed him there. Otherwise we might have had another of those mysterious cases where Sallah is tagging along with the Joneses, but then suddenly isn't there any more for no readily apparent reason. In most cases it can be justified in-story, but it would have been slightly trickier here... although more amusing.

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