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<   No. 492   2004-06-01   >

Comic #492

1 {scene: 3 days' sail from Tortuga}
1 Wendy: Cap'n! There be a Spanish galleon off the port bow!
2 Long Tom: Arrr! Pieces o' eight for all! Come about fer a broadside!
2 Wendy: She be at long range!
3 Long Tom: Gi' 'er a triple charge o' powder!
4 Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: {manifesting suddenly} CAPITAL IDEA.

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Ah, yes, he's back in his job as Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs. And he's just a little too keen to get on with the job...

Thanks to Flaim who supplied me with a nice big photo of the open ocean horizon that I can use in the background. It makes the shipboard scenes look a bit more realistic.

2013-05-25 Rerun commentary: The ocean really does look a lot better here than before. I was amazed that at this point I didn't have a good shot of an ocean horizon myself, since I live in a city by the sea and take lots of photos. In my defence, it's not actually the sort of thing people deliberately take photos of very much.

Compositing the pirate ship onto another background was always tedious work, since there are often so many holes to cut out around the rigging, making sure to preserve the ropes and stuff.

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