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<   No. 493   2004-06-02   >

Comic #493

1 Monty: 1... 2... 3... Run! {Prof. Jones, Minnesota Jones, and Sallah run}
2 Haken: {stymied by the stream between them} Joneses! You can't escape that easily! We'll hunt you down, catch you, and throw you in a Nazi prison! Do you hear me?!
3 Haken: Teufel! How are we going to explain this to die Führer?
3 Erwin: We can cross that river when we come to it, Herr Kolonel.
4 Haken: We're at die river, Erwin!

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Back in the annotation for strip #439, I made a comment about using the correct (or incorrect) German definite articles based on the genders of the associated nouns.

Well... After receiving a few e-mails from helpful German readers explaining the intricacies of the German article system, I've concluded that it's way too hard to even try to get them right. So I'm abandoning any pretence and just using whatever ones (die, der, das) sound coolest at the time. The fact that I get it wrong 9 times out of 10 should simply serve as an additional source of humour for German-speaking readers. ;-)

2013-05-27 Rerun commentary: This was the first step to further abandonment of any pretence and just using "die" all the time.

Its amazing how well Monty's plan actually works here. I guess the Nazis are too surprised by this plan to actually fire their guns.

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