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<   No. 505   2004-06-14   >

Comic #505

1 {scene: inside the zeppeling control room}
1 Haken: Well, we have die dinosaurs, which is what we came for. Let's go. Up ship!
1 Nazi 1: Jawohl, Herr Kolonel!
2 Erwin: But Herr Kolonel, what about Herr Doktor Jones and his father and grandfather?
3 Haken: Die Führer doesn't know they were here. And he won't know... Will he, Erwin...?
4 {scene change: exterior shot showing the bottom of the zeppelin lifting off the ground}
4 Monty: {hanging on to a rope dangling from the zeppelin, with his father and grandfather on the rope below him, Sallah looking on from the ground} Hey!! Wait for us!!

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After I wrote this script, I thought to myself, "Good lord, how am I ever going to shoot that?"

My problem is it's too hard to show the zeppelin exterior. In the past I've used photos or raytracings and pasted them into the background, but there's no way I can get the characters to interact with it as a solid three-dimensional object. So I'm restricted a bit. (I suppose I could build one out of LEGO...)

So Haken and Erwin are in the zeppelin cabin, and then Monty and co. are hanging off the mooring rope as the zeppelin takes off for Berlin. Are they going to hang there all the way across the Atlantic??

2013-06-10 Rerun commentary: Oooh, a cliffhanger! In the Cliffhangers theme! It's almost like it's made for them.

"Up ship!", or rather the German equivalent, was the command actually used by historical zeppelin captains to release the moorings and let the ship fly free into the sky. Don't ever let anyone tell you this comic is not historically accurate.

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