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<   No. 517   2004-06-26   >

Comic #517

1 Haken: Haul them up!
1 Nazi 1: {pulling the dangling rope up through a cargo bay hole in the zeppelin floor} Jawohl, Herr Kolonel!
2 Haken: {to Monty as he appears through the hole} So, Herr Doktor Jones. We meet again.
3 Monty: That line's starting to get cliched, Haken. {as Prof. Jones climbs up into the zeppelin}
4 Haken: Well if you stopped interfering in my plans I wouldn't have to say it all the time! {as Prof. Jones helps Minnesota Jones up}

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In fact Haken has used that line (or something very close to it) three times before, in strips #24, #101, and #149.

2013-06-24 Rerun commentary: Notably strip #24 being the first time they ever met in the comic, as pointed out in the rerun commentary for that strip.

Generating a hole in the floor for Monty to be pulled up through was interesting. I used several large grey plate-like pieces with a full LEGO brick height, and arranged them around a gap in the floor. They were actually sitting on a sheet of white paper, and then after taking the photos I replaced the white in the hole with a sky blue gradient continuous with the sky through the windows (also replaced from showing the wall behind my desk.

Incidentally, if you need to store fresh ginger, the best methods are apparently either freezing it in small chunks, and taking out chunks as needed, or putting it into an air-tight zip-lock bag in the vegetable crisper section of your fridge. (I just looked this up, since I have some fresh ginger which I need to store, and I've never dealt with it before.)

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