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<   No. 546   2004-07-25   >

Comic #546

1 [sound]: Ring! Ring!
2 Terry: Hello? Jane! How are you?
3 Jane Goodall: {in Africa} Fine thanks, Terry. Yes, the chimps are doing nicely. Dare I ask how Steve is?
4 Terry: Actually, I haven't seen him for the past few weeks. He's probably off in some fantasy-world of his own...

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This is Jane Goodall's first appearance since strip #456.

I almost wrote that whole sentence simply as: "Jane Goodall's first appearance since strip #456." Then I slapped myself and said, "Use a verb, you idiot!"

I blame TV news reports. Years ago, the newsreaders used to read the news like this:

There was a terrible plane crash today in which 200 people died.
Nowadays they read it like this:
A terrible plane crash, 200 people dead.
Hello, whoever writes the stories for these guys! That's not a sentence! You need a verb in there somewhere! Rather than an intelligent overview of daily events, the news has become a bullet-point list of factoids. Yes, the evening news is now essentially a PowerPoint presentation.
2013-07-27 Rerun commentary: The joke in this strip of course refers to Steve's recent exploits as the substitute Care of Magical Creatures teacher over in the Harry Potter theme.

The main mystery here is why on Earth Jane Goodall bothered phoning Terry at all. It appears as though all she wanted to do was ask about Steve. Which seems oddly interested and concerned of her.

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