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<   No. 547   2004-07-26   >

Comic #547

1 Monty: {still being forced at gunpoint by Erwin} Okay dad, here's the plan. On the count of three, we run and lose ourselves in the zeppelin hull.
2 Prof. Jones: That didn't work even when we had all of Venezuela to hide in!
2 Monty: Only because we ran into dinosaurs!
3 Tyrannosaurus: {appearing suddenly} RAAARRRHHH!!! {Monty, Prof. Jones, and Erwin all stop, stunned into motionlessness}
4 Monty: Oh.
4 Prof. Jones: So you still think releasing them was a good idea, then?

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Professor Jones is referring back to events from #490, #493, and #496.

2013-07-29 Rerun commentary: I reckon hide and seek with all of Venezuela to hide in must be a pretty difficult game for the seeker.

Venezuela has the big advantage of having one of the coolest sounding country names in existence, too. Apparently it's not entirely certain where the name comes from, but most historians support the theory that it derives from Amerigo Vespucci naming part of the region Veneziola, or "little Venice", after seeing native stilt houses on the water of Lake Maracaibo.

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