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<   No. 678   2004-12-04   >

Comic #678

1 {scene: a dock in Kingston, Jamaica}
1 Stud: {to a black-skinned man standing in a small boat} Are you Quarrel?
1 Quarrel: Who's asking?
2 Stud: James Stud, secret agent 0x0A with the British Secret Service, licensed to kill.
3 Stud: On assignment investigating toppling of American rockets, suspected to be caused by radio beacon from somewhere here in Jamaica.
4 Quarrel: Man, do you ever need to work on your snappy noncommittal one-liners.

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2013-12-28 Rerun commentary: The actual lines from the film are:

James Bond: Is your name Quarrel?
Quarrel: Maybe.
James Bond: I'm a friend of... Commander Strangways.
Just a little more noncommittal.

The screenplay for Dr No is credited to Richard Maibaum. He actually wrote it with Wolf Mankowitz, but when Mankowitz saw some of the early footage that was being filmed, he insisted on having his name removed from the credits because he was convinced it was going to be a huge flop. He was duly removed.

There's that hindsight thing again...

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