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<   No. 823   2005-04-28   >

Comic #823

1 Quarrel: {walking off towards a bar} Man, I don't want to talk to you. I'm going to the bar over there. Leave me alone.
2 Stud: {to himself as Quarrel leaves} Hmmm... Should I tail him, or knock off early and grab a drink?
3 Stud: I know! I'll get a drink in that bar and keep an eye on him at the same time!
4 Stud: I love spying. Where else can you get plastered while on the job?

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James Stud finally returns. We last saw him way back in #678.

I've had this script sitting in my file for several months, but the hectic schedule of a Cliffhangers strip every three days left no space for me to squeeze it in amongst all the other themes that command slightly more of my time. But finally I can fit it into the schedule again.

And as a reader kindly pointed out, interior decorator is the other occupation in which you often get plastered while on the job.

2014-06-16 Rerun commentary: Seriously. Being a secret agent is a heck of a job. You can hang out in glamorous casinos, drinking booze, and hooking up with attractive members of your desirable demographic, all while putting vast expenses on your employer's tab.

There's that minor thing about being shot at, and being chased in really fast cars in ridiculously dangerous situations, and being bisected by lasers, but then every job has its not-so-good bits.

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