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<   No. 697   2004-12-23   >

Comic #697

1 Minnesota Jones: {walking along the dock on Santorini with the others} When I woke up on the zeppelin, you two were gone, so I figured I'd have to save myself.
2 Minnesota Jones: I went down to the hold and let out a few dinosaurs, then flew to safety on a pteranodon.
3 Prof. Jones: There's no way a pteranodon could support your weight in the air!
4 Minnesota Jones: Shall I add that to your earlier statement that there's no way dinosaurs could exist any more?

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2014-01-20 Rerun commentary: Pteranodons were not technically dinosaurs, for any palaeontologists silently taking issue with this strip. They were flying reptiles, which is completely different.

Pteranodons are amongst the coolest and most easily recognisable of the flying reptiles, because of the big pointy crest on their heads. This also makes them popular for plastic models, including LEGO, which is why Minnesota Jones escaped on one.

In a change from the past few days, I have no coincidences to report involving pteranodons in my present life.

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