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<   No. 739   2005-02-03   >

Comic #739

1 Haken: Aha! Die Joneses! Now you also are lost in die labyrinth! This was all part of die Führer's plan!
2 Haken: He knew you Amerikaners would be stupid enough to do something like this and he would be rid of you forever!
3 Monty: Did he also realise it was likely you'd get lost in here with us?
4 {scene change: Hitler's brain's chamber in Berlin}
4 Hitler's Brain: Heh heh heh...

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And for the second day in a row we refer you back to a previous strip so that you notice my clever plot development! The Führer's plan was alluded to back in #649.

2014-03-10 Rerun commentary: Well if there's one thing Hitler's Brain should be good at, it's planning. He's not going to be much use on the wing in a football team, now, is he?

Apparently the real Adolf Hitler didn't like football, and reputedly attended only one football match in his life. Unfortunately for his enjoyment of the sport, it was a quarter final knockout match at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Germany had qualified for it by thrashing Luxembourg 9-0 in the first round, and some Nazi officials decided it would be grand to invite the Führer to the next game to see the righteous Aryans trounce Norway in similar fashion.

Hitler attended, cancelling a visit to his preferred event of rowing, just so he could be there. Norway sprung an upset by defeating Germany 2-0. Hitler reportedly became very angry and left the game before the final whistle, in a fuming rage. One can only imagine what the Nazis who invited him to watch the game must have been thinking at the time!

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