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<   No. 742   2005-02-06   >

Comic #742

1 Monty: If we're going to find our way out of this labyrinth, we're going to have to cooperate.
2 Ginny: He's right, Herr Colonel Haken.
3 Haken: {reluctantly} Ach. Very well. When we escape, I shoot you. But for now we cooperate.
4 Prof. Jones: {pointing to Erwin} You can start by offering me one of those sandwiches.

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It's hard getting decent depth of field with my camera, shooting this close to small objects.

2014-03-13 Rerun commentary: By that comment I meant having objects close to the camera in focus at the same time as objects far away from the camera. In the last panel, particularly, you can see how blurry Erwin and Ginny are. It would have been nice (or at least closer to my vision of how the scene should have looked) if they were in focus as well.

In some cases when making strips, however, I made use of the shallow focus of the camera to deliberately blur backgrounds or foregrounds, to give an impression of depth to the scene. With a more advanced camera like an SLR and some additional lighting, I would have been able to do that, but that would have increased production complexity of the comic substantially.

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