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<   No. 751   2005-02-15   >

Comic #751

1 {scene: The labyrinth. The groups have stopped for a rest and broken into the Joneses in one group, and Haken, Erwin, and Dr Smith in the other. The latter are having a conversation in the background.}
1 Monty: Dad! There's something you need to know about Dr Smith!
2 Prof. Jones: Oh, what's that?
3 Monty: She's Russian!
4 Prof. Jones: She doesn't look in all that much of a hurry to me.

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Regular readers might notice a change in the comic today.

I bought myself a shiny new computer, to replace the 8-year-old beast that was obsolete 7.9 years ago, and I've discovered that my old monitor was rather poorly calibrated. It made things seem very dark, so to compensate I had been increasing the brightness of all the images I use to make the comics. Now, with a decent monitor, I have a much better idea of what the graphics really look like.

So hopefully you'll be looking at today's strip and thinking "Wow, the colours are so rich and vibrant!" And they should stay that way in future.

If you're thinking "Gah, it's gone all dark and murky!" - I suggest you get a new monitor. Or at least properly adjust the brightness and contrast levels on your current one.

2014-03-24 Rerun commentary: I think that must have been the replacement of my old CRT monitor with a new LCD monitor. If I remember rightly, I kept that LCD monitor from 2005 when this strip was made up to 2012, when I finally upgraded my computer again (this time from a Dell Windows box to an iMac).

Technology marches on!

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