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<   No. 748   2005-02-12   >

Comic #748

1 {scene: The labyrinth. The now cooperating groups are walking alng together}
1 Monty: {at the back of the group, to Dr Smith} Getting friendly with the Nazis, huh? Having a little picnic with Erwin, were we?
2 Ginny: Jealous?
2 Monty: You wish!
3 Ginny: Actually, don't let on, but I'm operating under orders to mislead and manipulate the Nazis.
4 Monty: You're an American undercover agent?!
4 Ginny: Hmmm. Two out of three. Not bad.

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Have you any idea how difficult it is to set up six Lego minifigures in walking poses in close proximity on a studded baseplate? After fiddling around for ten minutes and experiencing multiple domino effect collapses as I was placing the last figure, I finally managed to get it set up. Next time I might resort to using Blu-Tack or something to hold them in place.

2014-03-20 Rerun commentary: This was an ongoing problem throughout the production run of IWC. I probably refer to it in other annotations in the future.

Despite my ranting here, I don't think I ever resorted to using Blu-Tack specifically to hold minifigures in place on a baseplate. I did use it to do other things, like holding figures in various gravity-defying poses.

The number of domino-effect topplings of multiple minifigures during set-up for a photo was alarmingly high. That's one thing I won't miss.

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