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<   No. 768   2005-03-04   >

Comic #768

1 Mercutio: {sitting at his desk} Will's writing a novelisation of the Lord of the Rings movies?
2 Ophelia: Yes! Can you talk to him about it?
2 Mercutio: {standing up for action} You bet I will!
3 Ophelia: Good, I knew I could count on a real fantasy fan like you.
4 Mercutio: I'll see if he can put in some catgirls!

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Catgirls seem to be an oddly popular phenomenon amongst certain fans of genre fiction. If only they'd been invented earlier, they may well have appeared in Lord of the Rings.

2014-04-12 Rerun commentary: Of course these days there's a much more informative and interesting TV Tropes page about catgirls than Wikipedia's rather pedestrian entry linked above.

Though I must amend my earlier comment. It appears catgirls were indeed invented before Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings. The first example listed in Wikipedia is from 1924, appearing in the children's literature of Kenji Miyazawa.

I guess Tolkien was too busy with Anglo-Saxon and Germanic literature to get much into Japanese kid's books.

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