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<   No. 777   2005-03-13   >

Comic #777

1 Mercutio: {confronting Will at his desk} Will! You're writing a new novelisation of The Lord of the Rings?
2 Shakespeare: Don't tell me Ophelia's been hassling you to get on my case about "preserving Tolkien's vision". I know how to preserve it!
3 Mercutio: I just wanted to ask you to put in some catgirls.
4 Shakespeare: Oooh, good call. J.R.R. would have loved those.

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2014-04-23 Rerun commentary: There's really not a lot to say about the standard office cubicle set of the Shakespeare theme. This may be the most static set of any of the themes, although they do break out to the water cooler occasionally. And Will and Ophelia went out of the office for a drink one time.

We've recently moved into a brand new office building at my work, and we are adjusting to new desk spaces. We don't have walled off cubicles like this - it's more open plan, with long sightlines across groups of desks, broken up by some slightly higher partitions topped with plants. It's not hugely different to what we had before.

One interesting "feature" is that the meeting rooms no longer have simple light switches with an "on" position and an "off" position. Instead they have a cryptic panel with four buttons and no labels. After some experimentation, I've determined that one button toggles the lights on or off, depending on their current state, while two of the other buttons dim the lights to two different dimness settings, but only if they were on in the first place (they don't switch them on to a dimmed illumination if they were originally off). I'm still not sure what the fourth button does.

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