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<   No. 883   2005-06-27   >

Comic #883

1 Me: Hmmm. Some readers really don't like the artificially darkened "day for night" scenes.
2 Me: "Not enough contrast." "I can't see anything." "Stop it already!"
3 Me: Hmmm...
4 {scene: on a train, at night}
4 Ginny: Those fools. The Joneses and the Nazis will be stumbling about in the dark for ages!

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For all those who didn't like the night scenes, this is the last one for a while. And next time I do one, I'll try to make the contrast high enough so things are more easily visible.

In case it's not obvious, Dr Smith is on the train to Moscow...

2014-08-25 Rerun commentary: To those people, I'd suggest your monitors aren't very well adjusted or simply aren't very good at displaying low levels of contrast. Hopefully if you're re-experiencing those strips now for the second time through, you'll have upgraded your monitors since the original run and be able to see the strips this time through.

The train model is the good old Hogwarts Express again. It's handy having a train model. It's quite easy to make it look more generic and so suitable for various different settings.

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